Private Art Showing


An exclusive and intimate gathering of potential fine art buyers. Host (s) generate prospects who are interested in collecting Storm’s FineArt. The artist, Stormie G. Steele (SGS) requires a minimum of 7 confirmed in attendance (RSVP) for your private art showing. *Attendance not to exceed 9.


Host (s) profit 20% commission from on-site sales, 25% off personal ticket and an additional $75.00 honorarium.


A suitable range of pricing is available for fine art collectors, further promoting your private art showing and enhancing sales.


Range of Art Pricing


$75.00 ~ $500.00

$500.00 ~ $3,000.00

$3,000.00 ~ Higher


Scheduling time (2-3 hours suggested), location of event (preferably home) and refreshments are solely on the host.

The artist (SGS) requests notification of scheduled dates 2-3 weeks in advance.


Storm’s FineArt is committed to producing affordable and upscale (never compromising quality) non-replicated paintings on canvas. Each work is a one of its kind, not available for resale digitally or otherwise. Excluding the artist’s (Stormie G. Steele) digital prints and copies. 


Storm’s FineArt Series 


Abstracts by Storm

Angels Among Us

Hidden Riches



Covid-19 precautions are encouraged.








Phone: 901-619-5170 or 901-409-3753