Artist ~Storm's FineArt 


As a child art was one of the artist’s favorite activities. Drawing images with crayons ultimately led to sketching with pencils. As Stormie states. “In third grade I started doodling, I found an immediate connection, somehow I was decoding & sending hidden messages to myself.”



Nearing the end of the 90’s, visions of large colorful abstracts began to stir artistic efforts. Stormie asked a friend to outline murals on walls, from there, imagination took over! In Stormie’s words, “The personal and spiritual success of those creations opened an internal path of hope and possibility I thought was lost. Childhood abuse disrupts much, its impact can smother dreams."




Artist Statement


My life and creative works pay homage to my soul’s evolution. Life moves me through various phases; broken pieces, fulfillment, the unexpected & hidden riches. On The Potter’s wheel I am sculpted. As a purposed piece of art, the intensity of close-ups, depths and colorful textured experiences blend and bend me perfectly. God’s unconditional love has freed me, healed me and restored me.


As I engage the full palette of my life, possibility/potential is revealed—a cultivated lifestyle of prayer, meditation and meaning; the infusion of an inner-wealth no human achievement alone can craft. This soul/spirit needs harmony, proportion and balance. The Master has a plan; willing participation purifies me, I glorify The Potter’s Hand.


~Stormie Steele ~Storm's FineArt