Waiting is more than the twiddling of the thumbs, it is an activation of faith-a space of preparation, an opportunity that fuels us with needed insights for whatever lies ahead. In this light, waiting, trusting and patience Divinely covers us.

Waiting gives us information and the time to process that information with wise considerations. Further, waiting allows us to weigh our options (pros & cons) – to examine our expectations, whether they are realistic or unrealistic (insightful relational advantage).

In times of fear (been there)…we wait and wait, and wait – you get the message. For the sake of this brief post, I am not referencing fear-based waiting. Rather – the waiting that ignites knowledge, understanding & wisdom. It is this type of waiting that assures our faith, our sense of well-being that waiting is a good investment!

As we consciously participate with life – examining ourselves, learning, growing…becoming – we find that waiting is active involvement.

Here’s encouraging you to experience the advantage of waiting.

Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm.

Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie Steele

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