Time Alone-A New Start/An Emotional Break

The cycle of failed relationships signals caution. We are wise to give ourselves an emotional break. Time alone is essential, as it allows for soul searching, self -awareness, growth, and the many other factors that come to assist us in becoming more personally developed & accountable with our choices. A worthwhile alternative for a new start!

Example: It’s interesting how many allow themselves to enter into new relationships (having just ended one a few weeks ago), expecting happiness to all of a sudden to become a reality. With no time off to examine/re-examine one’s own behavior or contribution to the demise – how can one not pick up where they just left off?

When emotions are in the lead role, we go where we want to go…often into the arms of those with whom we believe we can find happiness, comfort, etc. It can sometimes be difficult discerning our needs from our wants. If it feels good, then it must be the right thing to do – not always the healthiest of options.

It’s difficult to establish healthy relationships when we’re overlooking the health of our own well-being. The soul needs a Higher rule of Authority for living and being. I believe this. Such is possible through an agreeable alliance with God, the One Who guards and directs our path with guidelines that teach us to establish boundaries for living.

This is no indication of a life without challenge, disappointment or mistakes – rather, one that assists in maintaining an inner stability against the inevitable tides of living.

Know what you believe and why you believe as you believe. We function from the foundation of our beliefs-whether healthy or unhealthy.

The new year is approaching, time alone helps us to decipher and re-examine our priorities…paving way for a new start!

Do you ever spend time alone? Is it beneficial? Are you afraid of spending time alone? Yes, No-Why?

You’re always welcome to leave your thoughts & comments. Thank you for your visit. Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Storm

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