The Field of Flowers Award


I am honored (tickled) that Jeni Running Brook would mention my name in The Field of Flowers Award. “Being thought of” is a blessing – bringing those thoughts to life (the gift of giving) – is inspiring. My brief interaction with Running Brook has been heartfelt.Thank you for thinking of me Jeni.

In response to receiving this award, I’d like to nominate the following 7 bloggers in no particular order:

Mari – – was the one of the first to welcome me to WP, I really appreciate her warm heart, words & love of life.

PricelessJoy – shares with candor & openness regarding her path towards healing. Her testimonial is remarkable…nothing short of a miracle!

Wendell A. Brown – – His posts are beautiful & inspiring – it’s clear that he puts his heart & soul into every word expressed. I appreciate his love for The Lord. – Patricia Brown’s stories are delightful, fun & nostalgic. The graciousness of her character is evident through her writing. is a woman on the move – invigorated with determination, inspiration & boldness. I appreciate her umph! – A peaceful breeze is felt by this reader each time that I am privileged to engage WisconZen’s posts. – Diana writes elegantly, expresses thoroughly & she is empowering!

Thanks to all, I really enjoy hearing your voice through the creativity of your words. The uniqueness of your individuality is captivating. ~Storm

All awards come with conditions with which to comply.


▪Thank the blogger who nominated you

▪Place the award on your blog

▪Nominate 7 other bloggers and write a little something about why you would give these bloggers

“A Field Of Flowers”

▪Let your nominees know that you nominated them

#thanks #demonstratinglove #respect #appreciation #honor

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The thing that I’ve sought for the most is wholeness; being free enough to live with an individualized, personalized & realized truth…voice. ~Stormie Steele