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I think it’s fair to say that many of us share a few basic desires – we want to be loved and respected. Despite this desire, we often endure realities that contradict the aforementioned.

As long as we allow ourselves to accept what we innately know is not in our best interest, we will continue to miss the mark. Additionally, the love and respect that many of us long for is not in the arms of those who belong to someone else. While anyone of us can fall prey to our own vulnerable moments lacking in emotional restraint (unworthy of condoning) – we’re ultimately left with facing ourselves any time we betray ourselves.

Life attempts to prepare us every single day, I believe this. If we are mindful to capture the lessons through our varied experiences, we can find the information that leads us into healthier choices – especially, if we’re willing to authentically examine ourselves.

Taking some needed time to reflect assists us in listening a bit more attentively to what’s happening inside of us.

Invaluable insights often spring forth whenever we set ourselves apart with the intent of gaining insight and perspective on our habits/choices. Along with our intentions…action must follow.

The love and respect that we seek, must first be embraced from within. Be honest with yourself as you examine your feelings, beliefs and emotions regarding all that impacts you. This is always helpful as we seek to move to healthier territory.

It has been said that we can’t help whom we will ultimately love. Whether it’s true or not, every thing that we love is not necessarily the healthiest thing for us, we have choices. You are worthy of taking the time to consider yours…

Thank you for allowing Life Through The Storm to be a healthy part of your day. Wishing you balance and well-being. ~Storm

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