Simple words

Someone expressed  (written, sung & spoke) such words to me. Words that awakened parts hidden from my view – words that reminded me that I was worth reading…loving. Such a beautiful post.

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Has anyone ever Written words for you, Words that uncover the truth of What you think you saw What you thought you knew, Pulls off the veil Leaving you in light? Has anyone ever sung you a song Of their heart, Melody through the ink of the pen Tangible evidence You can hold in your hand? Has anyone ever touched you Deep in your heart With the words you waited so very long To hear? Have you ever thought That you were so alone, That no one could possibly think The same thoughts as you, That there was something wrong Inherently with your being, And did anyone tell you That your thoughts were all a picture Drawn so wrong In your own head, Art Of your own making And that you were perfect Just the way you are? Did anyone ever give you hope That tomorrow would be spectacular And…

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The thing that I’ve sought for the most is wholeness; being free enough to live with an individualized, personalized & realized truth…voice. ~Stormie Steele

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