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With the holidays in tow, for some, the unwelcome guest of stress tags right along. Overwhelming demands of shopping, entertaining guests, seasonal decorating, loneliness and more becomes an often too familiar load. Attempts to keep up with the Jones’s and/or feelings of being left out can certainly drain the life force out of anyone.

Many opt out of the traditional holiday woes by creating new and more meaningful ones. For example; as empty-nesters, one of the most important things for Jim and I during the holiday season is being together. Relaxing by the fire with favorite scents, music, hot beverages, candles and an enjoyable meal makes for a perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas, simple pleasures. Of course, early planning is primary. Visits, practical gift giving and sharing favorite dishes with family/friends before the special day, permits for an easy transition into our own personal desires.

If you have children, however, things can be a bit different. Include the family in the planning and the decorations. Crafts with the family can offer affordable joys that can be cherished for years!

During my younger years of parenting, the holidays posed a great deal of pressure. The potential shopping list was long and unrealistic, perhaps you can relate. I learned the hard way to respect my financial boundaries. When finances don’t allow for this or that, bask in gratitude-it goes a long ways. Thanks-living!

There is no one way to celebrate holidays, as we all have our own unique approach. Yet, overdoing, coupled with an unrealistic approach towards such can be an open door for unnecessary anguish, including depression.

Give thanks and honor what’s yours, embrace the beauty in being present. It’s one of life’s simplest forms of wealth, making way for an enjoyable holiday season! Gratitude goes a long way.

Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie Steele

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