My Journey of Healing ~Part 1

My Journey of Healing

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I’ve wanted to share more insight on my journey of healing & forgiveness, so here goes. As challenging as it can be – healing from childhood abuse is possible. My journey has been one gaining self-awareness, self-acceptance, hope, purpose & self-love.

The impact of childhood abuse held me captive for some number of years. I literally became sick and tired of repeating the words of my childhood experiences to myself & to others…my mouth, my mind, my emotions & my soul needed a new story! I no longer cared why it happened, I just wanted to be released from that story.

I felt that having been abused pasted an obvious message across my face, which read…I was unworthy, I would never amount to anything & that no one would ever see me as anything…but, as an abused person. In truth, this is how I saw myself (the lies created by abuse). I felt ashamed, repulsed & isolated. Then I felt mad…angry & resentful towards my perpetrators…lastly, exhausted & worn out!

The impact from childhood abuse held me captive!

My mouth, my mind, my emotions & my soul needed a new story! Healing has given to me a new story.

Healing is possible! It is indeed possible to live beyond the Impact of childhood abuse.

Are you creating new stories that override the impact of painful childhood memories?

You’re welcome to share your thoughts & insights. Thank you for taking the time to visit Life Through The Storm. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

Image of Lotus Buds by Greg Goodman

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