Judgment or Critiquing?

When we judge ourselves we often criticize the inevitable flaws and imperfections that come along with being human. The nature of judgment usually comes without the covering of compassion & love.

Critiquing on the other hand can be quite useful, as it more constructive in its nature – creating room for improvement.

The words that we speak to ourselves, the motives and intents of those words…affect us more deeply than the words of any one else.

We all stand in need of improvement in one area or another. It is wise when we speak compassionately, using the voice of kindness to ourselves. This does not mean that we are condoning those things that stand in need of correcting (restructuring or improving), it simply means that we’ve learned to respect & honor our sacredness as we continue our evolution of becoming. I call this love in action for oneself.

We hold the power of life & death on our tongues. Judgment is condemnation, it is destructive. Critiquing flows right along with Divine counsel, self-examination and healthy space for transformation – it’s a worthy investment.


I will speak words of wisdom & life to myself~

I have been given the authority to alter those things that are not in Divine order~

It is love, not condemnation that nurtures my soul~

Are you judging or critiquing yourself?

I appreciate your visit to Life Through The Storm.

Live wise and live well. ~Storm

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