Forgiveness ~No Personal Attacks

We can not heal nor forgive ourselves when we attack ourselves through guilt, condemnation or self-pity. It is through acceptance of God’s unconditional love for us, and self-acceptance that we begin to heal.

We must give ourselves permission to learn through trial & error…no personal attacks. We were not born with the guidelines for living without failure. When we attack ourselves through guilt and condemnation, we thwart our efforts and pursuits of forgiveness and well-being.

Self-acceptance does not declare that we are content with ourselves, it merely means that we embrace our humanity and its need for alignment with a greater Source (God).

Our acceptance of Divine love ushers us to a safe haven that teaches us the meaning of personal love and forgiveness of self…through it all. ~Life Through The Storm ~The Journey of Forgiveness

~Journey of Forgiveness – printebook

~The Healing Journey – print ebook

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