Forgiveness & Unforgiveness

When someone offends us, whether it’s real or perceived – its impact is left within our hearts, our words and our lives. The stain of unforgiveness is relentless…it’s time consuming! Unforgiveness ties up our emotional well-being in ways that hinder many other areas in our lives, inhibiting spiritual & personal development.

When I’ve been offended, I resort to asking myself a few questions. This practice assists me in examining myself & releasing the offense. Why am I offended in the first place? Was I being over-sensitive? Did I contribute to the dis-ease in any way? Was the offense mostly about the offender? Even though I was wronged, is unforgiveness warranted?

Whenever I answer with honesty, I almost always create a path that empowers me to release unforgiveness. Additionally, it’s important for me to remember – I too have caused offenses that stand in need of being forgiven.

The mere thought of sending someone through “my stuff” is unnerving – this awareness is another path that assists me in forgiveness.

My son says that I am a very forgiving person. I remind him that I forgive in order to live. Here’s the real deal, when I forgive – I’m really releasing myself from further injury. Forgiveness is self-preservation…peace of mind.

Forgiveness is a challenging task – a process of time, requiring much prayer & will. As you seek to pave new roads, new experiences for yourself – consider forgiveness. Your mind, body & spirit will be relieved.

Have you been challenged with unforgiveness? Have you learned to forgive?

Thank you for allowing Life Through The Storm to be a healthy part of your day. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

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Forgiveness Image & Quote by Joann Fore

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