Conditional Love…

Conditional love is demanding & restrictive – full of stipulations built on emotionalism and unrealistic expectations! Conditional love creates nothing but BONDAGE…for both giver and receiver! Conditional love means that you should not disappoint me, or – “I will…”, fill in the blanks.

Being both giver and receiver of love – means that we are willing to open ourselves to some of our greatest fears – it means being vulnerable. Feelings of being rejected, feelings of unworthiness, or other must be faced and brought to the forefront. From this position we learn to be available for our own healing and acceptance.

It’s interesting, we often expect others to accept us, we in reality, we’ve not fully accepted ourselves (been there too).

Relational disappointments are inevitable…to expect less from anyone is unrealistic. That does not mean that we should not expect the best from ourselves or others – rather, it means that we must learn to accept the reality of our imperfections and grow with ourselves, while demonstrating no less of the same to others as we interact with them.

Mature relationships are built over time through failures and triumphs – through pain and joy, through misunderstandings being  exchanged for understanding – through hurt and ultimately forgiveness. Above all, mature relationships require that we dismantle ourselves from conditional love.

How do you define conditional love? Have you ever experienced it?

You’re always welcome to leave your wisdom. Thank you for your visit. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

Image by Eye of Storm

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