Boundaries define much about the lives that we’ve chosen to live. They assist us in determining what is best and good for our overall health and well-being (mind, body, spirit).

At best, we honor our boundaries by living them.

Ignoring boundaries-compromising that which we know to be true in exchange for that which is not in our best interest-fuels spiritual decline. This is especially true with long term practice. In many instances, this is the genesis of personal conflict; confusion, emotional decline and relational dysfunction.

A decline need not be permanent, as it potentially holds multiple seeds for learning, especially if one is open to learn.

God is the Supreme holder of mercy and grace. This is not a license to continue in patterns that disrupt responsible, accountable and righteous living; rather, a path for repentance.

Repentance is essential when boundaries have been crossed. Why repentance? Repentance allows the soul to release itself from guilt, condemnation and from the seeming unforgivable deed of trespassing against God and self. It serves as a corrective, cleansing and healing balm of renewal.

Working out one’s own salvation with fear, which is honoring The Lord and the laws of righteousness (as much as one has come to know) through his/her life, world and affairs is primary.

Whenever internal division occurs (separation from truth), the soul needs reconciliation; mentally, spiritually and psychologically.

Crossing boundaries must be reckoned with, God alone is the principal holder for exactness. A solid foundation and an intimate relationship with Him sets the tone for upholding boundaries

Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie Steele

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