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Aging – an inescapable reality. No matter what we do, we can't stop its inevitable occurrence. It's an ordered decree of nature.

So, here's my take on aging. I consider aging a good, simmered state of being! An opportunity to integrate parts & pieces of the self into wholeness (especially when learning and growing), leaving little room for a splintered identity. It is in this state of being that I touch what youth could not have possibly instilled within my essence – a grounded respect for the person referred to as Stormie Gale.

Have I always been so accepting of aging? Well, I never really took the matter seriously until I turned 40. It was then that I began to feel that change was a coming.

Aging has been the acceptance that certain seasons & chapters in my life have closed, others have been revised/repurposed. This of course has meant facing many fears & concerns. In the same breath, I eagerly anticipate the creation of new seasons & new chapters.

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Here are some of the physical changes that aging has brought to my world. Facial lines - I define my facial lines as soft, subtle & sweet. The gray hair (which I refuse to color) is nice. I really do like them, wild...but, I like them! As a matter of fact, I've discovered silver, a few platinum & reddish brown hairs too – nature's highlights.

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Hips are wider, other physical changes going on in the mid-section (working it out & off). Overall, I am grateful that this body has been a healthy carriage for so many years.

It's evident, the aging process warrants a gradual slow down & a readjusting as to how daily living is to be approached. I choose to go with the flow, it’s where I find balance and the ability to focus. No more multitasking, one thing at a time. It's a safe formula.

Additionally, if I ever thought that emotional accountability was a wise choice – even more so now. No time to waste when it comes to my as it impacts overall health. For example, troubling conversations literally make me nauseous. So, I avail myself more readily when it comes to daily challenges, consciously facing/participating & adjusting as needed. Things taken personally, stories believed (negative or positive) impacts the more than the body.

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On another lighter note; there are products, techniques and all sorts of stuff on the market that seemingly slow the aging process – yet, nothing can ultimately alter its Divine course.

However, If I can accentuate, or enhance things like adjusting my diet, decrease stress levels, balance weight…I will.

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Aging allows me to graciously accept the good of becoming. Its process is a beautiful & engaging unfolding – I welcome it's multiple layered blossoms.

What about you...what are your thoughts on aging?

Live wise, live well & age in wiholeness ~Storm

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