A Message of Love…

One of my greatest lessons learned, knowing that I am loved. As a result, I’ve learned to accept that we love and express our love differently. It has taken years for me to recognize the various languages of love.

When we expect others to be as we are, or to do a particular thing the way that we would do it…we inevitably set ourselves up for disappointment. I have had many disappointments. Those disappointments have taught me well!

God in His infinite planning created a variety of human beings. Through flaws and all, we have been equipped with the perfect messages for one another. As we encounter each other, Divine intention is released. Its aim is to teach us more of ourselves, the acceptance of others…and that of God’s love.

Remember this – You are loved, you’ve always been loved. Despite circumstances that may have dictated otherwise, you will always be loved. ~Storm

A Message of Love/copyright 2015

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