9 Years Strong

9 Years Strong

2 years had passed since our initial encounter, at the church where he served as Senior Pastor. As I sat in his office going over some business matters, wrapping things up was met with, “I’d like to ask you for your hand in friendship”.

I was totally taken by surprise, as no one had ever asked for my hand in anything. Asking for my “hand in friendship” was a wonderful thing to propose. I verbally agreed that I could accept a new friend & extended my hand for a shake. It was met with a warm embrace.

The blessing of a new friendship was timely, as my past 2 years had been spent reestablishing my life’s perspective & putting things in order. Little did I know that he too was in the same frame of experiences.

I liked him from the beginning. A man of conviction & integrity – a true gentleman, opinionated, self-sufficient, educated – the intellectual spiritual sort, not defined by his degrees. Kindhearted, dedicated to his life’s purpose – confident, a good communicator. At the time, I over-looked his physical attributes – attractive & tall. I saw an individual who was as I saw myself – authentic, vulnerable & living in the moment.

Compassion was his mantra, I respected that. Mine was acceptance – he respected that. My initial appreciation, respect & acceptance of him remains intact. I still like him for his unique perspective on life, living & being.

Our friendship was a natural occurrence, birthed out of genuine appreciation & acceptance of one another…flaws & all.

In 2005, he asked for my hand in marriage. He is my best friend, the love of my life, my confidant, partner & husband.

J.V. Steele a very special guest in my life.

The thing that keeps us strong – respect, forgiveness & maintaining an openness to learn from one another…listening & hearing. Additionally, we share lots of knee slapping out of our breath, uncontrollable laughter (I’ve not laughed as much, since I was a child)!

Jim & I honor our individual commitments to our Lord & Savior – Jesus. We are dedicated to growth, development & Divine transformation.

True friendship is treasure, rare find – my life is especially blessed to be adorned by such.

Thank you for your visit to Life Through The Storm

Live wise & live well.~Storm

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